Berberis vulgaris – Barberry

Berberis vulgaris - Barberry

– FAMILY: Berberidaceae   – PLANT DESCRIPTION: Berberis vulgaris, also called regular barberry, European barberry or simply barberry, is a shrub in the genus Berberis. It produces edible yet strongly acidic berries, which people in numerous nations eat as a tart and refreshing fruit. It is a deciduous shrub growing up to 4 meters (13 ft) high. The leaves are little oval, (2–5 cm) long and (1–2 cm) wide, with a serrated edge; they are borne in bunches of 2-5 together, subtended by a three-stretched spine 3–8 mm long. The…

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Home remedies to get rid of head lice

Home remedies for Head Lice

In this post, we will identify 6 Home remedies to get rid of head lice. Though head lice infestation can occur in anyone irrespective of age or gender, it is most common among children ages three to 14. It spreads easily from one person to another through contact with contaminated hair, brushes, combs, clothing or bedding. Common symptoms of head lice are a feeling that something is crawling on the head, an itchy scalp and sometimes red bumps on the scalp. (1) Here are 10 Home Remedies to get rid of…

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